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“While I was filling the container with water...”

Werkplaats Typografie — Moriz Oberberger

A project of 019 in collaboration with Design Museum Gent

Here you meet Herta, an old lady. This fictional character is for Moriz Oberberger an intimate partner for conversations. Herta brought her daily life actions to perfection. She is the personification of the present. Her life experiences brought her to this point. Herta’s life is unscheduled, although she has absolutely no spare time. Every movement leads simply to the next one. It makes her aware of the essential creature of herself. 

For the occasion of this billboard Herta is in the WT building, more specifically in the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of this school. It is the social meeting point for the first coffee of the day, for communal lunches, discussions and games. It is a space where new ideas occur. This scene is therefore a snapshot of a typical situation during a WT day, where the environment constantly transforms, gives new input for the work and where you occasionally will come across traces of other participants. 

Moriz Oberberger is an Italian graphic designer and illustrator currently a participant at Werkplaats Typografie (WT), a design school in Arnhem, Netherlands. In his work, Moriz explores the interaction between the insignificance and significance of daily life activities. He focuses on mundane everyday actions, the ordinary objects people use and the settings they are placed in. Subtle observations evolve into a manifold of hidden stories from parallel worlds captured with a playful tone of voice. These narratives are exercised in different mediums, ranging from drawings, stories, books and games.

The Werkplaats Typografie (WT), part of the ArtEZ University of the Arts, is a two-year graphic design masters programme founded in 1998. The WT is centered on self-initiated projects and assignments with lectures, encounters, seminars, meetings and readings geared towards self-accountable and independently motivated work and research.

The billboard on the side of Design Museum Gent in Drabstaat is an ongoing project of the Gent graphic design collective 019, providing an alternative exhibition platform for graphic designers. Every design remains in place for 2 months. The 50 sq.m. billboard is all that remains of the exhibition project 019 — Museum Of Moving Practice from 2017, during which the collective temporarily occupied a section of the museum. Billboard is based on the Billboard Series concept on the wall of the 019 building in Dok Noord since September 2015 (a joint project of artlead, All Things Contemporary Vzw & 019).

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Bráulio Amado is a graphic designer and illustrator from Portugal, currently living in New York City. Previously, he worked as a designer at Pentagram NYC and then joined Bloomberg Businessweek as an art director before moving to the New York office of Wieden+Kennedy. Today, he runs his own studio, BAD Studio — Braulio Amado Design Studio.

Experimental Jetset

The design of Experimental Jetset (a graphic design collective, Amsterdam, NL) refers to public instructions in an urban setting, such as city maps, floor plans, charts, road signs, etc. The graphic representation of the location also serves to indicate time, creating a map of time and space. The design is also based on an existing diagram, taken from a book called The Nature of the Physical World (1927). While this project looks very functional, it is also quite mysterious.